Gerona · Spain

The big day has arrived and the mirror in front of you reflects the promise of the day. Elegant like a princess and beautiful like a happy person. Every detail counts, the fold on your dress, the strand of hair falling down your cheek, the color of your shoes …We know that princesses of today are more realistic then the Cinderellas of yesterday. We know that to be ready, both princes and princesses of the big day have to know that to love needs work and that learning to do it requires studying. To engage in love doesn’t mean to abandon oneself to the feeling of love, it means to accept pain as part of it and modestly accept differences in others, perfection doesn’t exist in anybody. When we are there with you, during those very intimate moments of the preparation we will remember the generosity of your decision and with light and color translate these noble feelings into images.
…and the mirror reflects the promise of a life time.

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